Sunday, 15 August 2010

Three Palms

Three Palms

Luxury Egyptian Compound. 
Main building comprises 2 double bedrooms and one twin room, all three ensuite, Hobbies Room, Nectary, Atrium, Kitchen Diner, Large Family Room, Gym (with half bath & shower), Treasure Gallery (1st floor landing), Large Entrance Hall, Roof Terrace.
Grounds include 1bed, 1ba Gatekeepers Cottage, Servants Quarters (Sleeps 5 in total) with bathroom facilities, Workshop, Stables, Pool, Pond, Garden and Kitchen Garden. 

 Located at 5 Eastern Delta, Al Simhara, this 40x40 lot costs just 296,249F and 171,480UF.


Lot :

Total Overview :
First Floor:

Ground Floor:

Gatekeepers Cottage and Stables:

Servants Quarters and Workshops:

Kitchen Garden:


Roof Terrace:

Pond & Garden:

Ground Floor Main Building :

Grand Entrance Hall:


Family Room

Kitchen Diner:


Gym (leads to shower room):

Treasure Gallery / First Floor Landing

Master Bedroom, with ensuite. Accessible via Atrium from first floor landing:

Hobby Room:

Twin Room, Decorated at present for 2 Children to share, with ensuite:

2nd double bedroom, with ensuite:

Exterior Shots :

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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Build n Share 60-61 : SimLibs

My Story :

She walks in with her 3 sons. This sarcastic family is your next project. Upon talking with them, you find the parker family has lived in Sunset Valley for 77 years. After all this time in the same house, they’ve decided it is time for a fresh start. That’s where you come in.

 "4 months ago," she begins, "my sons told me it was time for a curious house. I told them I wouldn’t move in 97 million years! Nope, not me!” She laughs, “I recently had a bit of luck and came across 37 thousand simoleons. So of course, here we are!"

“The house we had was 5 bedrooms. This time, we’d like 3. That should be a challenge for you. We want to make sure the bedrooms can accommodate the family comfortably. The boys are within 5 years of one another, so please keep that in mind as far as decor and needs. My favorite color is blue. The boys vary. I’ll let you figure out what works. I’d really love a desirable red kitchen, and the boys talked about really wanting a cool kitchen. We have kind of a weird request. We’d also like exactly 6 green dustbins. We’ll probably make 99 thousand more simoleons on the old place, so you can add that to my winnings for the smashing total budget [of 136,000].”

You can tell she is wrapping up as she running from her chair. "You are such pedantic person to work with," she says. "I hope you have a small day!"

Curiosity Grange

(a quick note, on my first export, where most of the screenshots were taken, I forgot the dustbins requirement. After taking all of the shots, I deleted the house, placed a copy, added the dustbins, and took extra pics of where they are placed in the house before re-exporting the house to upload)

Entrance Hall

TV Room 

"Desirable"(Heart motifs) "Red"(probably over did it here ;) ) Kitchen. "Cool"ness supplied by gadgets (Dishwasher, Trashcompacter, Microwave, Coffee machine)
Looks like Wit is hungry.


Bathroom 1 (between tv room and kitchen)

Master Bedroom

Bathroom 2

Caustics' Room (Teen)
Fedup with his mothers saturation of blue everywhere, Caustic has taken to painting his furinture black, his own favourite colour.

Wit and Ironys' Room
(Caustic is a firm fan of Detention Hall, but daren't admit it now he's a teen, so he gave the pic to the twins and often comes to admire it)


You can tell by the expression on her face that Sarcasm loves the way her boys leave dirty plates lying around.

TV Time

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